story ~ Jobsite Surprise ~ by A.Giordino and Banfield

The other afternoon I went to deliver an estimate for a large gardening job I had been working on. When I arrived at the house I rang the bell and waited. There were two cars in the driveway but no answer at the door, so I walked around the back to the pool. As I came around the corner to the large hedgerow separating the back yard from the pool I heard two female voices talking and giggling. Passing the hedge, I froze dead in my tracks. My eyes flew open wide and my jaw dropped at what I saw.
Beside the pool, the lady of the house was making out with one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. First, let me describe my customer’s wife. Angela’s a stunning 45 year old redhead with large tits that have only the slightest sag, narrow waist, a great curvy ass and shapely legs. The woman she was necking with was no slouch either. Probably 10 years younger, the brunette had smaller but firmer tits, a tight stomach and ass and great legs. Neither was wearing a top, only bikini bottoms and each was feeling the other’s tits and asses while they frenched. My cock grew instantly hard while I stood mute, watching.
I don’t know how long I stood there, but something must have caught Angela’s attention because she momentarily broke her embrace and looked straight at me. Apparently unconcerned, neither made any attempt to cover up, she looked straight at me and said, “Oh, Jay…I completely forgot you were coming by. Please come have a seat.”
I walked over to the side of the pool, holding my clipboard in front of me to hide my now raging hard-on. As I sat down in front of these two gorgeous creatures, Angela turned to her friend and said, “Tanya, be a dear and get our guest a beer.”
“Sure.” responded the brunette. She sauntered off with my eyes devouring the rhythm of her walk as her bum swayed from side to side. Just then, Angela cleared her throat, so I turned my attention to her.
“So you liked what you saw?” she asked boldly.
Caught off guard, my response was simply, “Uh…Yeah…Sure…”
Angela sat next to me on the lounge chair, resting her hand on my thigh just below my clipboard. Running her hand up under it, she began to stroke my stone hard erection through my shorts. “Seems you liked it a lot.” she commented. About that time, Tanya returned with a beer for me, which I accepted gratefully.
I took a long drink as Angela moved my clipboard aside and unzipped my shorts, causing my full 9 incher to spring from its confinement. “Ooo! Look what I found!” she squealed.
“Nice.” commented Tanya, “Glad I’m not the only one to bring some meat to this party!”
I didn’t understand her comment, but had no time to contemplate it as Angela laid her lips on mine, driving her tongue into my mouth as Tanya dropped to her knees and inhaled my bone to the root.
My head swam as Angela frenched me and Tanya expertly deep throated my penis. Looking down, I saw Tanya gazing up at me, swallowing my whole member, spit rolling off her chin while her hand was busily playing in Angela’s bikini bottoms.
Breaking our embrace, Angela stood, dropped her bikini and said, “I need some of that!” Straddling me, I watched as Tanya guided my rock hard prick to Angela’ soaking wet cunt. Slowly she began to ride me while Tanya started licking my balls. In ecstasy, I closed my eyes, soaking in the exquisite sensation of Angela’s hot pussy and Tanya’s expert tongue alternating between my balls and my asshole.

Sliding in and out of Angela’s tight cunt was so incredible, I hardly noticed that Tanya had stopped her oral ministrations and moved around to the head of the lounge chair. My eyes were still closed when I felt Tanya sit directly on my face, her anus in line with my tongue. Opening my eyes, all I could see was the crack of her arse separating those beautiful cheeks. I heard slurping noises. Assuming Angela had begun to eat her pussy, I drove my tongue into the rosebud of her arse as deep as I could, rimming her for all I was worth. Tanya moaned loudly and ground her bum onto my face harder.
The slurping noises stopped and Angela spoke.” Should we show him your surprise, darling?”
“Do you think we should?“ responded Tanya.
“Oh, yeah. It’ll blow his mind”
“Ok, then.” Tanya said as she stood to reveal the biggest prick I’d ever seen. It was at least 12” long and looked as thick as a beer can.
Startled beyond belief, all I could do was lie there and say, “Holy shit.” as Angela began to suck Tanya’s magnificent member. Slowly, she took it all down her throat and held it there until she gagged ever so slightly. Then withdrawing her mouth until, spit rolling down her face, the head came back into view. Repeatedly she impaled her throat on Tanya’s length and her cunt on mine while I watched, awestruck and nervous.
Finally, Tanya pulled away, saying “Now its his turn!”
I lay there, unable or unwilling to move, while Angela rode me like a woman possessed and Tanya took hold of my head. Ever so slowly, I watched as Tanya’s huge prick moved towards my mouth. With one hand on my head and the other on her prick, she began to rub it across my face. I kissed the dome, tentatively at first, but then began to lick it. As I got more into it, my lips parted and she began to thrust into my mouth. I sucked as she shoved more and more of her huge member into my mouth, but I felt it was wrong. I was quite adamant that I wasn't like that...a queer, but I forced myself to take and then choked at less than half of it. I kept glancing up "her" only seeing a very seductive female with a massive penis and a pair of heavy balls suspended from the base.
Tanya laughed throatily, “He loves it! Look at the little pricksucker!”
I did love it! Angela’s warm, wet pussy wrapped around my erection and Tanya’s tremendous prick trying to invade my throat was more than I could stand. I came, shooting load after load of sperm into Angela. The feel of my spunk flooding her cunt sent her over the edge, howling, she came, thrashing on top of me. Tanya came, too, filling my mouth to over-flowing with her salty, thick-creamy ejaculation.
Spent, we lay there for a moment until we had recovered a little. Angela leaned forward and began to lick and kiss me, recovering the spunk I’d missed. Tanya laid her prick between our kissing mouths, her eyes watching as her cum moved back and forth between our mouths.
We were all spent, so Angela pulled off my prick and both she and Tanya stretched out on lounges next to mine to bask in the after-glow of our coupling and the afternoon sun.
I must have dozed off because the next thing I was aware of, the sun was sinking and Angela and Tanya were nowhere to be found. Looking around, I saw the patio door standing open and decided to investigate. What I saw when I stepped through the door was all the encouragement my prick needed to return to full hardness. Tanya and Angela were on a luxurious leather couch in the sitting room locked in a 69. Angela was sitting on Tanya’s face, grinding her pussy and arse into Tanya’s face while she did her level best to swallow as much of her huge meaty pole. Saliva drooled from the corners of her mouth, coating Tanya’s swollen balls.
For several minutes they continued to lick and suck at each other while I stood watching them perform their lewd loving, stroking myself to full erection. watching Tanya's thick pink tongue slathering into the fleshy entrance of Angela's pussy. Finally, Tanya looked across the room at me and motioned for me to approach saying, “ Bring that over here where we can make some use of it!”
That was all the invitation I needed. Walking over, I stood above Tanya’s face with my dick in perfect line with Angela’s tight pussy. Slowly, I pushed forward, sliding into her sopping wet cunt in one stroke. Tanya began to lick my ass, jamming her tongue into my anus with each stroke of my penis in Angela’s wet quim. Soon my arsehole was slick with her spit, running down my balls.
Angela pulled forward off my prick and said, “I need two at once!” Sliding down Tanya’s belly, she positioned herself above Tanya’s 12” prick and slowly sank down on it until all of it was buried deep inside her. Both moaned as Angela began to ride up and down, in and out. I had the perfect view of her lovely pussy stretched to capacity, taking all of Tanya’s big, awesome penis.
“Fuck my arse, stud!” Angela moaned, “ Use my backdoor!“ reaching back and spreading her cheeks apart to give me the perfect view of her tight little rosebud. She only had to ask me once. I slid forward, down Tanya’s belly, aimed my prick at her arsehole and shoved slowly. Angela groaned, though in pain or pleasure I couldn’t tell, as I began to fuck her giving her long, hard strokes in unison with Tanya.
We fucked like that for several minutes, Tanya in Angela’s pussy and me in her rectum. Sometimes our strokes were in unison, other times we alternated, ploughing Angela to one orgasm after another. Tanya took her finger and shoved it into me. That was all it took. All of us came at the same time. Angela screaming, Tanya in her pussy and me in her tight bum.
I rolled off the two of them onto the floor, spent. Angela moved off of Tanya, stood over me and slowly lowered herself until she was sitting on my face. Tanya’s come poured out of her cunt and into my mouth. I drank like a starving man while Tanya crouched down behind her and licked my cum from the crevice of her rear.
Angela climbed off my face and I sat up. Turning to face the two of them, we all embraced in a three-way kiss, swapping each other’s come back and forth in our mouths. Finally we collapsed in a heap on the couch, intertwined, to rest until the next time… Well, that's what I thought.
Tanya was first to stir. She got up and addressed me curtly: "I need you, boy! Come with me." Her remark...calling me 'boy', hurt and offended me. Did I say that she was black? Well, she is, and very, very sexy, which is why I felt offended. Anyway, I got up and followed her, gazing in admiration at her splendid rear, those marvellous dark-brown orbs, then her long gleaming legs. I wondered what she wanted me for, and when she stepped into the bathroom I suddenly felt awful. Something told me I wasn't going to like what was coming.
She turned to face me and told me curtly again to get down on my knees. I sort of guessed what was coming but couldn't refuse. She took her flaccid prick in her dark hand and pointed it at my face. Although it was soft it still looked awesome. I felt my nerves racing when she drew the foreskin right back to reveal the purple-pink dome. "Okay, boy, I'm gonna have a good piss. Open your mouth!" I stared up at her in shock and disbelief. My inner-voice screamed 'You black bitch! I didn't come here to be a fucking toilet! Yeah, the sex was great. I didn't mind taking that huge thing in my mouth. I didn't mind swallowing the spunk...but this was way off limits...having to drink a black she-male's piss! As I looked at her face I could see she was determined and she looked threatening. Being a slight man, not very strong, I guessed she'd be quite vicious if she had to be. So I tried to push my protest aside. I was scared. I had to keep looking up at her dark face as a kind of reassurance that , regardless of that masculine enormity and those tightly-packed testicles, she was all female.
The stream of piss, all silvery, jetted from the urethra filling my my mouth in a second. I gulped it down not tasting it and went on swallowing and gulping until it came to a stop. She then told me to lick the eye of her penis and then close my lips over the dome and go on licking. I was still in a daze, a state of confusion. If Tanya had been a real man, with all the appearances of a male, I would definitely have refused no matter the consequences; but she was, in my eyes, a superb female with a fantastic prick and a full set of balls and a terrific pair of tits...not to mention an awesome bum. When she felt satisfied with my sucking she moved forward forcing my head right back until she was standing straddled over my upturned face. She ordered me to lick her anus and the crevice of her butt, "Cos," as she muttered, "I'm sweaty under there." It was another distasteful act I wanted to refuse. I felt disgusted, ashamed and so humiliated as I tongued her anus and the dark valley separating her black, ebony cheeks.
When all was done we stepped back into the sitting room. Angela was was just waking: "Oh...ah...Where've you been?" she asked lazily. "The bathroom," replied Tanya. "Oh...and did you?" asked Angela with a knowing smile. "Uhu...and he was perfect. Swallowed every drop. I like him." To my dismay, Angela got up from the sofa and, looking at me, announced that she needed the bathroom. The look in her eyes told me what I didn't want to know, that I was to accompany her and perform the same humble service. "What about the estimate?" I asked meekly, "Do you still want it?" "Oh yes!" she replied flatly as she proceeded to the bathroom with me in tow, "And you've got the job we want besides." That was it, then. I knew that if I was to get the valued work and earn a lot of money I'd have to submit myself to other tasks such as I did out there on the patio and, for the second time, was about to do right now. So I agreed, and as I knelt before Angela and prepared myself I wondered with some concern just how far those two very different females would go? But what came later was the most humiliating experience I've ever had. Tanya must have known I'd refuse. They plied me with drinks that night, talking, joking and petting each other. I began to feel woozy. I hardly registered myself being tied to an iron bedstead, my arms pulled back. I then, through the haze of swirling images, saw the ebony-dark figure of Tanya kneeling between my legs. Weakly I allowed her to lift both my legs and urge them up bringing my knees up to my chest. I then realised in my alcoholic haze what she intended to do. I felt my senses go haywire and my inner-voice shouting with alarm. I looked down my torso to see that she was handling her prick and it was getting huge. She then reached out with her free hand to a table close by. I glanced towards it and to my increasing alarm, saw that she was taking out dollops of vaseline. She then began applying it to my exposed anus. I felt the coldness of that jelly substance. It was time to really voice my reluctance...tell her I'm not happy...that I didn't want to be buggered...especially with that frightening great prick.
Whether she heard my pleas, whether she could understand my mumbling, she ignored me. She gazed down at me with those dark-brown eyes with just a hint of a smile. I then felt the dome touch my back entrance then the pressure as she slowly started to insert it. Already it began to hurt as my anus took the strain of huge intrusion. Then, in my fuddled state of mind I realised that I should try and relax the sphincter like one does when on the lavatory. So I concentrated as best I could under the besieging onslaught. Heavens, it felt like a mammoth battering-ram. Slowly, millimetre by millimetre Tanya eased herself deep into my rectum. The dull ache commenced as that solid extension of her sex crept further and further into the colon until I could feel her tight up against my buttocks...the sign that her 12" penis was completely inside me. Then began the steady, rhythmic movement of her strong hips as the immoral seduction commenced its play. To my great relief, the dull ache began to subside as my internal muscles and tubes got used to the unusual violation; and as she pumped her hips, gradually increasing the tempo, I actually started to enjoy it! I fully relaxed myself, the semi-stupor I had been in was slowly evaporating. I then kept my eyes open simply to look at Tanya, admire her Afro beauty, her powerful breasts with those nugget-like nipples surrounded by the lighter-brown areolas. Her dark, chocolate skin began to glisten as she rammed herself, her pace getting faster. Her thick lips tightened up as she began nearing her orgasm. I still marvelled at the lack of pain I expected having a 12" she-male's weapon thrust up my rectum. And then, after what seemed like an age, she began to grunt... thump, thump, thump and then, with a deep throaty gasp her huge ram belched out the thick, creamy-white spunk supplied by her balls which had been pounding my stretched-back buttocks.
With her length still impaling me, hardly wiltering, she fell forward, her face nestling between my face and right arm. It was then that I realised my arms were aching but with her weight on me and that monster up my back passage, my limbs were the least of my emotions. She lay on me for a long time while she slumbered. I could feel her massive meat inside me slowly lose its hardness. At last she stirred, lifted her head and gazed into my eyes. "How did you like it?" she murmured. It was a question I found very hard to answer. As I said, I'm not that way, and yet, faced with a really lovely-looking she-male, so very feminine and with gorgeous-looking breasts and a fabulous derriere....I could only reply weakly: "I don't know." She grinned knowing that hardly any straight males would admit anything against their natural orientations. She then eased herself up and withdrew her spent, flaccid penis from my anus. I felt that ache again as it emerged with a sucking sound.
"Bathroom," she said curtly as she climbed off the bed and released my arms from the frame. I followed her tall, sleek ebony figure rather nervously, apprehensive that she was going to piss into my mouth again. She went to the handbasin, turned both taps on until the basin was nearly full. Because of her height her genitals were slightly above the rim of the basin so it was easy to simply drop her penis into the water. "Okay, wash me, boy," she ordered, "With your hands." Again I was struck by her manner - rather like a slave-master telling me to do this and do that with a superior air. I took took her soft but large member in my hands and began swishing the warm water over its length, then gently drew the dark foreskin down to expose the startling pink skin and purple dome and vigorously cleansed with my fingers. She stood there by my side in total silence as I obeyed her. Then she spoke when the job was done: "You wanna go?" She indicated with a nod the lavatory. I realised I ought to...having been buggered and pumped full of her thick, viscid spunk. She left me to it telling me to come back to her room. It felt somehow good as I sat and emptied my bowel, but I still struggled with the question of my emotions.... Whether I could face myself in the future in deciding if I was changing, but I kept reaasuring myself that I would only submit myself to a lovely-looking she-male, and such a creature with a big prick.....

~The End~