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The Crossdressing List H E R E

Shools Corsets

J.F. Trelawny

In practically every century, other than our present one, women have been subjected to bondage ranging from the mildest to the most severe of restraints, all under the guise of training and discipline.

The Killing room

by Banfield

The room was cold. No furniture except a chair and table. There were three people in that room....two prisoners and Obersturmbahnfuhrerein Madel. One of the prisoners was roped to the chair and could only watch how Madel amused herself with his mate for now almost half an hour. was obvious that his mate wouldn't see the daylight again. She had even said that she would put him down - kill him - and was getting off by the fear on the face of her victim.

Hermaphrodite Arrest

by Banfield

Jim sped along the deserted road. 'Damn!' he muttered aloud, 'Souldn't have stayed so long in that bar...but those bar-maids were something else...fabulous lookers, terrific breasts, lovely bums...and the way they were flaunting themselves like they did. No wonder we blokes kept drinking. There's no doubt about it, these pubs in the Deep South certainly know how to draw their punters...and keep them drink- ing.

Tarina's Assignment

by Banfield

Jack was the archetypal male chauvinist - a macho-man. Handsome he was, and he knew it, and capitalised on it to the full. Every weekend he picked up a fresh "chick" and dropped her just as regularly. But then he met Tarina....

Jobsite Surprise

by A.Giordino and Banfield

The other afternoon I went to deliver an estimate for a large gardening job I had been working on. When I arrived at the house I rang the bell and waited. There were two cars in the driveway but no answer at the door, so I walked around the back to the pool. As I came around the corner to the large hedgerow separating the back yard from the pool I heard two female voices talking and giggling. Passing the hedge, I froze dead in my tracks.

Why she's the Boss

by Mshow4 U

I couldn't believe I didn't get the job. After all, I had been with the company for nine years and worked hard to get that position. Then they go and give it to some bimbo from New York. I just couldn't believe it. Then I met her...

Transsexual Heaven

by Banfield

I grew up in a small town, about an hour north of New York City. I had spent lots of time with Playboy and Penthouse magazine, but was not really active sexually through my teens or college years. I mean, I had steady girlfriends, and had sex, but I wasn't a Casanova type, chasing a different woman into bed every weekend.

Realisation vs Reality

by Throckmorton
and presented by Banfield

So, here I sit, 40 years old and just now realizing that while I am not attracted to men, I love pricks. I love mine, and I love looking at others. Hard or flaccid, black, white, or brown. The thought of a hard cock makes my dick twitch. I guess I have always felt this way, but I guess I never really got it because the men attached to the pricks I have seen inspire no sexual feelings at all.

(de story abrackadabra) - Toyra fetish slave

J.F. Trelawny

Es war wieder einmal so ein ganz alltäglicher Tag - normales Wetter, normaler Arbeitsablauf, normaler Feierabend. Oder vielleicht doch nicht ?

(de story abrackadabra) - next Toyra corsetant

J.F. Trelawny

Langsam schlendert Monika die Straße entlang. Das Wetter ist zwar nicht ideal für einen Schaufensterbummel, aber nachdem sie gestern ihren Job als Sekretärin verloren hat, braucht sie etwas Abwechslung.

(de story abrackadabra) London Life

Copyright by London Life Magazine

Die Zeitschrift 'LONDON LIFE' befaßte sich Anfang des 20. Jhdts. überwiegend mit modischen Themen, wie auch Korsetts und Erziehung junger Mädchen.

Hier sind einige bemerkenswerte Auszüge aus Leserbriefen, die das Blatt in den Jahren 1925-1928 erhielt: